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Shrewsbury House is a community centre run for the benefit of local people.

It provides a place for activities of all types.

By being available to all, Shrewsbury House is the heart of the neighbourhood. At times we might hire out commercially, but that helps subsidise the community based activities that are the real remit of a community centre.

Shrewsbury House is a place where young and old can come together safely. The greater the community involvement in activities here, the more the sense of pride grows, both in what we achieve, and in our neighbourhood itself. That’s important, and shows how the centre can create a feeling of cohesion.

A good community centre encourages and often initiates programmes that involve local residents as a way to bring them together. These days, as communities become more fragmented, that’s more vital than ever.

Shrewsbury House is run by a volunteer elected committee, a manager and a few staff members that run the day to day operations of the community centre. We believe in the community, are committed to making their neighbourhood a better place. We are very open to ideas for using the centre in positive ways and encouraging new groups to join.

The emphasis is on groups that bring direct benefits to residents, both young and old, for local fundraising events, parties, anything worthwhile. It’s important that we have residents coming into the centre, but even more important to keep them coming back regularly.

The more people who become involved with Shrewsbury House, whether as users, setting up a user group or volunteer staff, the more effective we can be.

Bringing the local community in, and keeping them involved, means a sense of continuity into the next generation, which is the corner stone of a community centre.

Affiliated Members

1 Members may apply to be affiliated users of the House if they fulfil the following criteria:

  1. are open to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and age (unless the type of group limits membership, i.e. children’s group or a group for the elderly).
  2. are not for profit
  3. are providing an activity for the benefit of the community
  4. can provide all necessary documentation including qualification certificates, insurance liability, DBS checks (where dealing with children and vulnerable adults.
  1. Affiliated members are entitled to cheaper room hire rates.
  2. An affiliated member is not entitled to a specific room (unless otherwise agreed by the Board).
  3. Rooms will be allocated to groups based on the number attending and any disabilities within the group which would necessitate a ground floor room
  4. Allocated rooms may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Manager or Board based on 4 above.
  5. Affiliated group leaders must complete an affiliation form at the beginning of each financial year and must pay the appropriate affiliation charge (determined by the Board) by 1st April each year. Affiliated group leaders must supply any necessary documentation listed on the affiliation form such as DBS checks, public liability insurance, first aid etc.
  6. All affiliated group leaders must maintain a register of those attending each session to comply with fire regulations. The Board reserves the right to check registers at any time to ensure compliance.
  7. Affiliated groups may hire rooms until 11pm on Saturday evenings in accordance with our premises licence. An application form must be completed for any special functions other than regular bookings.
  8. All those not fulfilling the above criteria for affiliation will be considered as Private Hirers and will pay the relevant private hire room hire rate as determined by the Board.

Please see our full terms and condtions.

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