Life Drawing

Thursday 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Cost:  £20 per 3 hour session. (adults 18 plus only)

Contact: Ashley Greaves

Phone: 07880 984508


Drawing from life allows for many interpretations of the human form whether in considerable detail or with economy of line. The main requirement is the ability to look and to understand what it is you are looking at . . . . . a solid object in space, having length, breadth, depth and weight!

The enjoyment of drawing the figure comes when looking, understanding and mark making combine to produce its own believable reality on paper.

A small, friendly, mixed ability group that range from beginners to the more proficient. Each session comprises of short and long poses by an experienced model(s) with the course leader on hand to help guide participants when required.

Easels and boards are provided with other materials available at cost.



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