Life Drawing

Thursday 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Contact: Ashley Greaves

Phone: 07880 984508

Cost: £20 per 3 hour session (Adults 18 plus only)

A small, friendly, mixed ability group that range from beginners to the mor proficient. Each three hour session comprises short and long poses by an experienced model with the course leader on hand to help guide participants when required.

Easels and boards are provided with other materials available at cost.

Life drawing, also known as figure drawing, is the act of drawing a living person. Normally this means drawing a nude model in real life – i.e. not from a photograph or from memory or imagination.

You may wonder why the model is usually nude, and perhaps the easiest answer there is that clothes aren’t alive. Looking at a living thing, and particularly a living person, has a very different energy to it than an inanimate object.

Capturing the life of the model is an important part of life drawing and this is better done without covering up the living parts of the person with dead bits of material.


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