Baby Massage with Bethanie

Thursday 11.00am - 12.00pm
Baby Massage with Bethanie

Let me introduce myself....
My name is Bethanie Buchan, I am a fully trained & insured massage therapist, practicing for nearly 7 years.

I currently have a successful mobile massage business, offering a range of massages, some of which learnt in Thailand! My primary focus in my practice is on the wellbeing of others, and knowledge I can share to improve my clients physical and mental health.

How can massage benefit you and your baby? 

Simple moves during baby massage can really aid babies with certain discomforts they are having.

Babies are learning how their systems work within the first year of their lives, and growing so quickly.

Baby massage teaches you how to bond with baby to pick up on how they are feeling and what they may be experiencing, and simple steps can help you and baby to be more settled and comfortable.

Why not give it a go?

Drop in and full courses available, £50 for 5 week course, please contact Bethanie 07716 907 137

Instagram: Bbethanies

Facebook: Bethanie‘s massage



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