Baby Sensory Class

Wednesday 9:50am to 10:50pm

Contact: Kyla Daly

Phone: 07533 281520

Cost: Sessions are £7 payable termly

⭐Bookings are open!! ⭐
🍂Baby Sensory Classes have returned to Shrewsbury House
👶Spaces are very limited due to reduced numbers to keep us Covid Secure
🌻We were already rigorous with our cleaning regime but we have added in extra measure to ensure you and baby are safe, including cleaning and sanitising the matting after every single class and providing every family with their own fresh bowl of props at the start of the session for your own peace of mind.
💚We have made some changes to our programme but you can rest assured that your classes will still bring the WOW and offer all the same expert knowledge and advice as before.
So what are you waiting for? Visit our websites to book a spot: for classes at Shrewsbury House

Baby Sensory was the first baby programme to offer a complete approach to learning and development from birth to 13 months. Designed to stimulate, educate and provide precious memories during the all-important first year of life, the programme has won multiple awards both nationally and internationally since 2008.

Everything we do is backed by over 35 years of expert research in childhood development. So we’ll always explain what we’re doing and why, helping you make your baby’s first year a truly precious time of learning, fun and sensory exploration.

Babies can start Baby Sensory classes from birth and move on to Toddler Sense when they are 13 months-old.

Currently more than 25,000 parents and babies in the UK do just that!

About the Programme

What makes our programme so special is that each activity is carefully designed to stimulate your baby’s senses and move learning and development forwards. Behind each session, there’s an incredibly detailed lesson plan backing up everything that you and your baby see, hear and do.

We provide ideas for play, massage, tummy time, movement, visual development, hand-eye coordination and music in simple practical ways that can easily be repeated at home.
We also use a combination of original and traditional songs and rhymes to develop early communication skills.

You will always remember the moment your baby first uses the signs to our ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ song, which is played at the beginning of each Baby Sensory class.


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