Gentle Yoga for Relaxation

Saturdays from 14th April 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Contact: Suri Laura Villa

Phone: 07706 392831      

Cost: £9.00 for an individual session or £30 for a block of four sessions.

Please call or email for more information, and to book your place.

Yoga is for everyone regardless of age or flexibility. The benefits begin as soon as you do.

These gentle classes give us the space to ‘just be’. Each lesson is a time of discovery, revealing the ways our body, breath and mind can find balance.

Regular yoga practice and meditation can help us to:

  • Live a less stressed life
  • Energise our bodies
  • Enrich the quality of our sleep

About me

Having practiced yoga in some of its varied forms for over twenty years, I work with accessible and inclusive approaches that relate to our lives and interests now.  I view yoga as a path that leads to a growing well-being, with mind resting in the body.  Working with a softness, focus and fluidity, I encourage a hatha practice according to emotional, physical and mental needs as they unfold.

My classes offer a caring, warm and safe environment in which to encourage self-awareness and an independent practice at home, where yoga becomes an easeful place to learn and explore.

I am a qualified Integral Hatha Yoga teacher and a member of the IYN and Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). Classes offer the classical yoga practices, including postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), mindfulness and deep relaxation (yoga nidra).

Please bring your mat, a soft blanket and cushion to classes.  It is recommended to wear comfortable loose clothing.

Suitable for beginners.


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