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Saturdays 9:30am to 12:30pm

Thank you to Shrewsbury House for having us back in a safe and organised fashion. There are a few spaces available for new pupils aged 3-5 years. Please email for further details
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Contact: Helen Roos

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The aim of the Academy is for pupils to gain enjoyment from dance, as well as encouraging and developing self-confidence, imagination, interaction, co-operation and musicality.

Simple ballet movements are introduced right from day one with basic technique being taught. The pupils can progress to any form of dance at a later stage. More formal teaching of technique does not begin until pupils are old enough to enjoy a more structured approach.

Classes are available to children from the age of 3 years.

Pupils of the Academy are prepared for ISTD Graded and Vocational examinations, sessions are held at the end of every term.

The Academy is keen to encourage pupils to take pride in their appearance and ask that they always wear the correct uniform and hair dressed in a bun for ballet and tied back for all other genres.

Parents are reminded that they will get the opportunity to see their children’s progress when invited to watch classes but ask that they refrain from peeping in – including through the window, as this is distracting for all pupils.

Of course there are certain circumstances where this rule will be relaxed, ie with new or very timid pupils.

Street Jazz

These classes are for pupils of the academy who have studied ballet and modern up to Grade 3. It is a popular genre covering all aspects of Commercial and hip hop.


The Academy offers private singing lessons as well as group sessions, which for younger pupils are also combined with drama to encourage pupils to continue to develop their musicality and self belief. Pupils are also given the opportunity to be coached for West End auditions.


The Academy also offers drama group sessions, which for younger pupils are combined with singing to encourage pupils to continue to develop their self confidence. Older pupils are coached for vocational college auditions.

ISTD Modern

Children can start learning Modern from about 6 years, as long as they have had some ballet training. These classes are aimed at developing rhythmic awareness, flexibility and broadening horizons to a more commercial dance approach.


The Academy is keen to encourage many of its pupils to take part in festivals.

I will approach parents if I feel their child is ready to dance in a festival solo. There are also opportunities for pupils to represent the Academy in group dances.

However I would like to advise parents of the additional rehearsal time required and the associated costs.

It is worth noting that festivals require a considerable amount of time and expense, therefore I would advise that both parents and pupils think carefully about the commitment involved.

About Helen Roos:

After graduating from Bush Davies School of Theatre Arts, Helen performed as a professional dancer in all aspects of the theatre including dance companies, pantomimes, summer seasons and trade shows. She also worked as an actress in many television plays, serials and films.

In between professional engagements Helen utilised her teaching abilities. She has been teaching in earnest since 1993 and opened the School in September 1995.


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