SE18 Choir


Fridays 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Contact: Gloria Castagnini
Phone: 07481068501


It is a fact, when we sing, we feel happy. our bodies relax, our minds work and our brains develop.
Being part of a choir brings us many benefits: we develop our artistic side in a way other than studying a musical instrument. We meet new people who like us enjoy music. We listen and we do harmony.

My name is Gloria and I'm a musician, I play the piano and I also really like rehearsing choirs. Once a week we meet at Shrewsbury House for an hour to sing together. Our adult sessions always start with a little relaxation, followed by vocal warm-up and then the development of our repertoire, always varied. Although it is not important to know music to participate, I like to use sheet music with the lyrics of the songs because I believe that anyone can learn music without even realising it.


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