Blackheath Yoga - Postural Yoga and Meditation

Tuesdays 12:15pm to 1:30pm

Contact: Linda Henderson

Phone: 020 8858 1991

Cost: £8.00 per session

Postural Yoga is a system of Yoga which integrates the Alexander Technique principles of spinal alignment, awareness of breath and a deep listening which respects and works with the body’s process. Illnesses are usually a result of the body being out of balance and yoga attempts to create a balance through the practise of the asanas.

Some benefits that may be experienced are increased strength and stamina, joint flexibility, increased energy, relief from muscle pain and stiffness. Circulation can improve and a general feeling of well-being. Headaches may well disappear or at least reduce, balance problems may cease and you may well experience an overall feeling of wellness, a lightness and being more at home in your body. Students often say they sleep much better after a yoga class.

About me

I have taught Postural Yoga for over 30 years. I teach a very traditional Yoga in mixed ability classes. In my experience absolute beginners as well as more advanced practitioners are able to improve their Yoga practice in a class where students have varying flexibility and strength.

Being attentive to each student’s way of working and their needs as to whether practical help is required, encouragement or just more time.

Correct breathing and postural alignment is central to Yoga.

During the class we practise core standing and sitting poses, twists, balances, supine and prone poses. Each class concludes with a short meditation and a prayer for the Earth.

I provide try-out mats, blocks, ties and blankets.


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