Cougar Jujitsu

Children Mondays 17:30pm – 20:30pm
Adults 20:30pm – 21:30pm


Children Thursdays 17:15pm – 20:15pm
Adults 20:15pm – 21:15pm

Saturday 11:00am – 12:00pm

Contact: Rob Belfield

Phone: 07878 057477


4-8yrs lessons are £28.00 a month + 1 free second lesson

8-18yrs lessons are £35.00 a month + 1 free second lesson

Unlimited £40.00 (maximum 3 lessons a week)

Adult lessons are £40.00 a month + 1 free second lesson

Unlimited £45.00 (maximum 3 lessons a week)

The Cougar Club strongly believes that our teaching motivates, builds confidence and encourages mutual respect, particularly in our younger students. The mother of Japanese martial arts, Jujitsu offers a tremendous range of activities to choose from and develop, thus the system offers the instructor the opportunity to choose and select his or her own personal requirements and those of the student.

You will learn in a safe and encouraging atmosphere many techniques for throwing, punching, blocking, kicking and of course falling safely. You will practise with other students, who are ready to help and new techniques are only introduced as you develop your skills.


  • To create a school that offers a fun family atmosphere for individuals from 4-65, of any ethnic origin, religion, circumstance or disability.
  • To train in a martial art that will create a new-found confidence and respect for others, whilst increasing their fitness levels.
  • To teach a martial art which help children understand how to handle bullying and situations which may occur outside of school.
  • To give adults the skills to protect themselves on the streets, whilst remaining within the bounds of the law.



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