Iyengar Yoga

Mondays 7.00pm  to 8.30pm
Thursdays 10am to 11.30am

Contact: Cressida Senkus

Phone: 020 8855 6587
Email: cresssenkus13@gmail.com

Cost: £9.00 waged, £7.00 unwaged (adults only)

This is a general, mixed age and ability Iyengar Yoga class. It includes standing poses, sitting poses and some inversions. All students are encouraged to work safely and to their individual ability, resulting in improved posture, felxibility and a clamer state of mind.

The Iyengar method of yoga is named after our teacher B.K.S. Iyengar. Through the practice of a sequential system of standing and sitting poses - asanas - it aims to unite the body, mind and breathe to encourage health and well-being. Iyengar yoga places great importance on precise alignment of the body to ensure that students are working safely, with maximum benefit to strength, stamina and flexibility. It encourages calmness and improves concentration.

Classes start with simple poses, gradually moving towards more challenging asanas and end with a period of relaxation, focussing on the breath.

All my classes are suitable for beginners or those with more experience - you don’t have to book but you can call me before coming if you wish.

About me

I started attending Iyengar yoga classes 30 years ago when my children were small. All teachers of Iyengar yoga are trained to high standards and in 1997 I began my 2 year Introductory Teacher Training course, before starting to teach Iyengar yoga for Bexley Adult Education.

I have been to the Iyengar Yoga Institute in India, twice, for the month-long courses that are held there and felt honoured to be taught by the Iyengar family and to be among so many students who learned their yoga by the passing on of such great teachings.

I feel extremely fortunate to be Iyengar teaching yoga at Shrewsbury House. I live within walking distance and came to Adult Education yoga classes here over 20 years ago and have taught here for about 10 years. How lucky we are to have clean, warm, airy spaces in which to practice this ancient system of poses that bring harmony to mind, body and breath.


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