Tai Chi & Qigong

Saturday morning class 11am to 12pm.
People need to book in advance. 


Contact: Tony Childs

Phone: 07500 873932
Email: a.childs123@ntlworld.com
Website: healthqigong.london

Cost: Adults £20 per month

Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Gung) are outstanding gems of traditional Chinese culture, valuable in promoting health, fitness, improving concentration and overall well-being. Benefits are derived from Tai Chi's slow, gentle and tranquil movements which enable harmony in mind and body, improved mobility, suppleness and mental alertness.

Qigong is an integral component of Chinese health systems that combines integrated physical movement, mental cultivation and regulated breathing. This activity is designed to guide and induce the free flow of energy Qi throughout the body, maintaining the harmony of Yin and Yang, which promotes health and a greater sense of well being.

Our classes are friendly and relaxed, anyone regardless of age or level of fitness can practice and benefit from Tai Chi. Loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes should be worn to classes.


A little bit about our teacher, Tony Childs

Tony's background was in the traditional Japanese martial arts of Karate, Iaido and also Yoga, which he still loves and practices today. He has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong since 2001, Health Qigong since 2007 and teaching Health Qigong since 2009. 

Tony's goal is to help you maximize the health benefits through the practice and study of Qigong and Tai Chi and share his knowledge and experIence with you, and hope that over time, and regular practice it may help remove any obstacles to a students progress and experience improvements in energy levels, fitness, emotional well being, and a reduction in physical, mental and emotional stress.

Training and Experience:

In 2007 Tony was one of the first people in the U.K. to be introduced to Health Qigong. Since then he has attended seminars, symposiums and conferences every year, organised by the Chinese Health Qigong Association and International Health Qigong Federation in China, U.K. Europe, Asia and America. He is recognised and respected within the International Health Qigong community as being a dedicated, hard working and passionate teacher, and lifelong student of qigong.

For the last twelve years Tony has been practicing Yang Family Tai Chi at Shikon Martial Arts, directly under Sifu Martin Gatter, and Head Teacher, Sifu Steve Rowe. Shikon are an extremely well organised and respected martial arts organisation with the very highest standards of teaching, technical knowledge and ethics. Tony feels that it is an honour and privilegege to continue his study and practice at Shikon Martial Arts.


4th Duan, International Health Qigong Federation.
Level Two Coach, British Council Chinese Martial Arts.
Technical Director, Health Qigong Federation UK
Tai Chi instructor, Shikon Martial Arts.


Tony has taken part in European and World competitions organised by the CHQA and IHQF on three continents and has gained many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and trophies demonstrating various Qigong routines.


 Tony Childs

Trinity Qigong and Tai Chi


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