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Tai Chi in ancient Chinese means the “ultimate force”. Chi is the internal energy of our body. Tai Chi is a sequence of gentle and slow movements derived from martial arts and the imitation of the swift and graceful movements of animals and birds.

There are a number of forms and styles being commonly practiced in China and Asia dating back over two thousand years.

Tai Chi has also been introduced to and used in Western culture for centuries. It is recognised by health practitioners that regular practice of Tai Chi can enhance balance, alignment, co-ordination and rhythm of movement.

Most forms of Tai Chi and Chi Qong are very gentle and therefore suitable for everyone. The movements focus on technique as opposed to strength, therefore, anyone can practice regardless of physical ability or age!!

Tai Chi is especially beneficial to those who are recovering from a physical illness or an older person who may not consider the ‘traditional’ form of exercise – e.g. gym or aerobic activities as it may be too strenuous.

Regular practice will improve your:

  • Balance (reducing the risk of falls)
  • Concentration
  • Energy, stamina & agility
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle strength
  • Reduction of stress

About me

My first qualification is a degree in Physical Education obtained in Hong Kong and University of London. I have taught PE in both Hong Kong & London for over 10 years in mainstream schools.

Initially trained in the traditional Chi Qong and Northern Shaolin Form in Hong Kong, I am also a qualified Chinese Tai Chi practitioner with over 25 years of experience.

I have been teaching Tai Chi for the Adult Education of Bexley and Greenwich Boroughs for over 10 years. My teaching also expands to many other organisations.

Having the experience of teaching a diverse range of students with varied abilities and health conditions and my love of studying, I began to explore techniques to enhance my own personal well-being as well as my students and found the Dao Yin Yang Sang Gong.

This is easier for new students to learn and more beneficial for people with varied health conditions. I began to study Dao Yin Yang Sang Gong in the UK and France, and took this further by continuing my studies at Beijing Sports University, China, under Professor Zhang Guangde.

In 2010, I had the honour of being recognised as Professor Zhang’s personal disciple.


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