8 Feb 2019 - Travelling Shrewsburys Triumph

The Travelling Shrewsburys (Keith Ferris, Jim Radford and friends) returned for another brilliant night of folk music and shanties on Friday 8th February, playing to a packed bar (and a dog).  Read more here >


1 Nov 2018 - November 2018 NewsletterWhat’s happening this week ...

Data Collection Week 5th-10th November 2018We continue to rely on the support of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and need to provide data about our demographics and the people attending the house on a regular basis. We are also keen to hear your views and get as much feedback from our service users and visitors as possible to inform new facilities and activities. With this in mind we will be asking existing groups and hirers, and visitors to Shrewsbury House, to complete our new Equalities and Access forms over the next week. The more the merrier, so if you are visiting please compete a form and drop into reception on your way in or out  Read more here >


2 Oct 2018 - September/October NewsletterIt's been a busy month...

As the summer has drawn to a close, we have got firmly back into the swing with events, activities and new groups.  Read more here >


1 Oct 2018 - CELEBRATING SHREWSBURY HOUSE: Cressida Senkus

My daughter’s attendance at the Pre School play group in 1983 marked my first connection with Shrewsbury House and I helped during the mornings. We had just moved to Shooters Hill and we regularly used the library, especially the comfy children’s section (now the bar area).  Read more here >


12 Sep 2018 - IN FOCUS: SE18 Choir

"When I joined the SE18 Choir to take some photos and learn about the group I never expected to find myself singing.  Read more here >


8 Aug 2018 - July / August Newsletter

August 2018 is one year on from the Extraordinary General Meeting that took Shrewsbury House from the brink of closure and started us on the path to where we are now. While we wouldn't claim that it's job done just yet, I hope you'll agree that the last twelve months have seen significant changes in the House and a more positive and constructive approach to the future.  Read more here >


16 Jul 2018 - New Women’s Institute Group starting at Shrewsbury House

Come along to our first gathering to find out what’s on offer on Friday 5th October 2018 at 10am-1200.  Read more here >


30 Jun 2018 - June Newsletter

We hope you've noticed the big screen that has appeared in reception and it's nothing to do with watching the football. No really. Honest.  Read more here >


31 May 2018 - May Newsletter

Hooray for Hollywood? Well, to be honest, more likely Falconwood but we can dream. On Monday 4th June the House is being photographed, inside and out, for inclusion on the RBG Film Unit database. The photographer needs to see the House at its best so there may be a little disruption to normal working as we move furniture out of rooms. It'll be worth it the long run as this opens up a whole new area of income from film and TV companies who may want to use Shrewsbury House as a location.  Read more here >


30 Apr 2018 - April Newsletter

Well, Spring finally arrived - and then went away again - but nonetheless there was enough time for Feast to set up and decorate the cafe terrace and even enough sun for people to enjoy it before the rain came back. It's going to be fantastic when summer comes to stay.  Read more here >


5 Apr 2018 - Shrewsbury House Sunflower Trail

It’s that time of year again! The Friends of Shrewsbury House are organising a sunflower trail in and around Shrewsbury House and would love you to join in.  Read more here >


29 Mar 2018 - March Newsletter

A lot has happened this month including two lots of snow that proved a challenge for our lovely old building. Despite the odd roof leak and drain blockage we've come through it all pretty well intact.  Read more here >


23 Feb 2018 - February Newsletter

As many will already know, House Manager, Kathy Bagnall, will be leaving us on 28th Feb after 12 years service. I'm sure you would want to join the Board and staff of Shrewsbury House in thanking her for her hard work in keeping the House going through some very difficult times and wish her all the best for the future.  Read more here >


30 Jan 2018 - January Newsletter

On 18th January we held our Annual General Meeting which was really well attended with representatives of affiliated goups, users and local residents.The meeting agreed some important changes to our Memorandum and Articles of Association - which is the the document that governs how Shrewsbury House is run. The most significant changes are:  Read more here >


20 Dec 2017 - December Newsletter

Season's greetings to everyone. It's been a tough year and we're not out of the woods yet but we end 2017 in a better place than we were in before the EGM in August. We can now begin to plan things for the Spring and Summer of next year. Look out for a programme of events and activities, and do let us know if you have any suggestions -  Read more here >


26 Nov 2017 - Vintage Fair

Almost 500 people attended the Vintage Fair we hosted on Sunday 26th November making it one of the most successful events Shrewsbury House has seen to date. Forty stalls selling everything vintage you can think of filled every room in the house. Here's a selection of pictures from the day:  Read more here >


31 Oct 2017 - October Newsletter

It has been just over two months since the Emergency General Meeting and the appointment of a new Board of Trustees. As you'll be aware if you are a regular user of the House or were at that meeting, Shrewsbury House Community Association faced a financial crisis that could have led to closure. We're glad, therefore, to tell you that any immediate threat has been averted and for the remainder of this financial year at least we are secure.  Read more here >


26 Oct 2017 - The bar is open again!

After some confusion over the terms of our licence and changes in staffing we are now ready to re-open the bar. For an initial period we'll be opening on Fridays from 6pm to 10.00pm and hope you'll come and join us for a celebratory drink. During this initial period the bar will be staffed by members of the Board of Trustees so it's a good opportunity to come and have a chat too.  Read more here >


6 Oct 2017 - Fang-tastic Halloween Party

The nights are drawing in and soon, through the mist and murk of a cold Autumn evening, will come the fearful cry of "trick or treat". Yes it's Halloween again. The time of year every parent dreads when their children get so full of sugar they won't sleep for a fortnight.  Read more here >


29 Sep 2017 - Enjoy a slice with us

On Friday 29th September from 10am to 1pm Shrewsbury House was one of hundreds of venues around the country taking part in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer.  Read more here >


24 Aug 2017 - The heart and focus of our community

Local MP Clive Efford and Royal Borough of Greenwich Assistant Chief Executive Katrina Delaney were among those showing support for Shrewsbury House Community Centre (SHCC) at the recent Emergency General Meeting.  Read more here >



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