IN FOCUS: SE18 Choir

12 Sep 2018

"When I joined the SE18 Choir to take some photos and learn about the group I never expected to find myself singing.

I consider myself tone deaf, with the only singing I partake in being lullabies to my daughter or screeching out Queen whilst I do the housework.

However, Gloria had me doing scales and hitting notes that I had never attempted before.

Gloria has a way about her that puts you completely at ease and gives you the confidence to try something that you never thought you could do. I didn’t feel awkward or on the spot when she asked me to sing and she guided me through a range of notes and singing styles.

The rest of the group were very welcoming and I found myself sitting down with them and sharing the song book for a few melodies.

Gloria helps to guide everyone in the class to find the right harmony for them. The warmth and positivity that this group creates is captivating and energising.

It’s definitely given me some food for thought with my own voice and I have already found myself singing with more confidence and using the techniques Gloria taught me to push myself that little bit further.

Not quite an X factor auditionee but my I feel I do Freddie Mercury a bit more justice now."

Written by Kathryn Green - Trustee

SE18 Choir meet every Friday from 12pm in room 7.

The group has been running at Shrewsbusy House for 7 months. There are currently 10 members in the choir and new members are welcome - the more the merrier! The group are currently rehearsing for a Christmas set as well as preparing for a presentation at the Shard in London Bridge.

You will see and hear the SE18 Choir at our Shrewsbury Showcase on the 13th October, come along to listen and try it out for yourself.

You can find out more about the choir and how to join here


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