Shrewsbury House Sunflower Trail

5 Apr 2018

It’s that time of year again! The Friends of Shrewsbury House are organising a sunflower trail in and around Shrewsbury House and would love you to join in.

In the next few days you should receive through your door a small brown envelope containing sunflower seeds for you plant in your front gardens.
We are aiming to have the flowers in bloom at around about the same time so, if you would like to join in, get the seeds planted into pots in the next couple of weeks ready to go outside in a month or so. Alternatively, pop them straight in the ground. Sunflowers can need a little help at the start – be ready to fend off slugs and to protect the seedlings from peckish birds.
Once the sunflowers are in bloom we will be organising a walk to admire all of our hard work, followed by a glass of wine or cup of coffee with your friends and neighbours at Shrewsbury House.
Who can get this year’s title for tallest sunflower?
Last year we had some nine footers, can anyone reach ten foot?!
Let’s make this year’s trail even bigger and better than last year!
Please spread the word to any neighbours who may not be online.
Happy growing!!


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