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Cubs are young people aged between 8 and 10½ years old who are members of the  Scout Association. Within the Cub Pack they work in one of four small groups called Sixes. Each Six has a leader, called a Sixer and he has an assistant called a Seconder.

There are loads of fun things that you can do as a Cub Scout and can join between the ages of 8 and 10 and a half. You will get a chance to try lots of different activities like swimming, music, exploring, computing and collecting.

If you do them properly you will get a badge which you can wear on your uniform.

Cub Scouts also get to go on trips and days out, to places like the zoo, theme parks or a farm. Sometimes you will be able to go camping with the rest of your Pack. This will mean you sleeping in a tent and doing loads of outdoor activities.
Cub Scouting is about:
• having fun
• making friends
• enjoying lots of activities
• keeping the Promise
• trying  new things

Photo of 10th Royal Eltham Scout Group (Beavers)
10th Royal Eltham Scout Group (Beavers)
Contact: Alex Bienkov
Work Phone: 07900698222 Website: http://www.10throyalelthamscouts.org.uk/
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