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Little Song Birds (ColourStrings)

Little Songbirds is a playful, inspiring and very friendly music class for children from 12 months old (though younger ones are welcome, too) up to the age of 3 years with their parents/carers.

It uses the Colourstrings Kindergarten holistic approach based on the philosophy of Zoltan Kodaly, the famous Hungarian music teacher.

The main stress is on singing nursery rhymes famous and lesser known, with specially selected and beautiful children’s songs published attractively in three available books.

In this age group it is mostly parents and carers who do it, but by doing so they wake up the interest and desire in children to do the same once they can.

Through various activities children are developing their sense of pulse, social abilities, confidence and speech.

Photo of Little SongBirds (ColourStrings)
Little SongBirds (ColourStrings)
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