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Blackheath Yoga (Postural Yoga and Meditation)

Hello I am Linda.

I have taught Postural Yoga for over 30 years. I teach a very traditional Yoga in mixed ability classes. In my experience absolute beginners as well as more advanced practitioners are able to improve their Yoga practice in a class where students have varying flexibility and strength.

Being attentive to each student’s way of working and their needs as to whether practical help is required, encouragement or just more time.

Correct breathing and postural alignment is central to Yoga.

During the class we practise core standing and sitting poses, twists, balances, supine and prone poses. Each class concludes with a short meditation and a prayer for the Earth.

I do provide try-out mats, blocks, ties and blankets.

Photo of Blackheath Yoga Group (Postural yoga)
Blackheath Yoga Group (Postural yoga)
Contact: Linda Henderson
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