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Weight Watchers

Want to lose weight and transform your body to become healthier and happier? We hear you! And with our plan, you don’t have to go it alone.

SmartPoints® work harder than simply counting calories

With SmartPoints, every food and drink has a value that’s based on four components – calories, protein, sugar and saturated fat.

It’s personalised

You get a personalised SmartPoints budget to spend on anything you like. Stick to your budget and you’ll lose weight.

No counting involved

If sticking to budgets isn’t your thing, our No Count option is for you. There’s no measuring, weighing or counting.

Mostly A: The perfectionist

You thrive on competition and work best when you’re trying to beat the clock – or someone else. Try a new activity; cycling and swimming, for example, are low-impact alternatives to running. More important than what sport you choose is learning how to enjoy it. Work out at a less intense level than you normally would and focus on enjoying yourself.
Mostly B: The team player

Team sports are the ideal way for you to work out – football, rowing and netball are great ways for you to get fit. You don’t just play to win, so, for an extra incentive, why not start training for a 5k run, beginning with short distances and enjoying the journey as you increase the distance? Even better, persuade a friend to train with you.
Mostly C: The do-it-all

You have a busy lifestyle and any free time you have is spent helping out friends and family. You sometimes crave an hour to yourself, but you feel guilty saying no to other people and putting yourself first. Yoga and Pilates are perfect for you: a class will give you time each week to relax while you tone up and become more flexible and supple.
Mostly D: The exercise novice

You may find some aspects of fitness challenging; however, deep down, you want to find the motivation to get fit. To pep up long walks, download a new album, podcast or audiobook, or make fitness fun – get some friends together for a lighthearted game of tennis or toss a Frisbee around. You’ll be having such a good time, you’ll forget you’re exercising.

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Weight Watchers
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