Friends of Shrewsbury House

Since 2017 the Friends of Shrewsbury House have been giving the staff and trustees of Shrewsbury House any practical support we can. We are an informal group. Our common interest is helping make Shrewsbury House a great place for people to share and enjoy.

Outdoors Shrewsbury House has a big garden, with plenty of lovely plants already in the ground. But it has no gardeners, so it has relied on the ingenuity and goodwill of its staff and volunteers to look after the flower beds, lawns and wildlife garden. Indoors we help out in the library and, whenever we can, chip into social events.

Wildlife garden

If you come to Shrewsbury House on a Saturday morning you will usually find that a Friend or Friends will open the wildlife garden for you. We would love some practical ideas on how to do our best for the habitats and the creatures living in the gardens (including stuff for our bug hotel). Our Garden Get Together is the last Saturday of every month.

Foster a flower bed

High brick walls, great for clambering plants, surround most of the garden – we have what feels like miles to go though, before the walls look as lovely as they might. One patch of flower beds already has a very effective foster carer – if you too would like to look after a flower bed or create a vegetable patch, you are welcome to get in touch. (That is an understatement, it would be fantastic if you got in touch!)

(Big) free little library

Room 3, on the ground floor of Shrewsbury House is full of all kinds of books for swopping and borrowing. The Friends have clustered children’s books in one corner by the fireplace and on Saturday, from 10 until about 2pm, you will find that corner of the room set up for cutting, sticking, colouring and/or reading. We also some story cards for children, or anyone, to get started with their own storying writing. Do you have an arty skill you would like to share, or just like messing around with colour and paper? Drop by on a Saturday – you would be more than welcome.

Story card two – Shooters Hill kids and the tumulus ghosts

Find the Friends

* You will find us any Saturday from 10am to noon at Shrewsbury House.

* Ask about the Friends in the bar at Shrewsbury House on Friday evenings.

* Follow us on Twitter or email


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