Friends of Shrewsbury House

Friends of Shrewsbury House are a community group that work hard to support and help maintain the house, the house also has a large garden that needs plenty of friends!

The garden space is a mix of flower beds, lawn and edible planting, with lots of wild patches to enjoy, and a lovely lawn perfect for playing on!

This week

Saturday 13th April

This week the Shrewsbury House volunteer gardeners tackled the leaves clogging up the new growth in the lower garden (between the Old Library and Greengarth), did some more edging, kept on weeding and mulching at the front cut and strimmed the grass (that's a massive task)!. In the wildlife garden, the tadpoles look very happy, but it's hard to say what's a frog and what's a toad.

Next Saturday we are having a break for Easter but will be back on Saturday 1st May. If you would like to join us and volunteer at Shrewsbury House please come along any Saturday 10am until noon, all are welcome, we are family friendly!

Saturday 6th April

A hardy group offive gardeners braved the chill to continue nibbling away at the maintenance tasks in the Shrewsbury House gardens. We continued: tidying up the beds with the edging iron, plus weeding and mulching. We piled up our leaf mould in the wildlife garden, and stared at the frogspawn and toadspawn. We also moved the north end compost bin to a new home in the electirc garden (yes, that was a very messy job)! and tidied up the leaves round the cafe tables and chairs. We also admired the first signs of Headways arrival, with all their gardening gusto. Welcome!

Our new willow arch was also planted in it's new home this week, in the lower garden by the Old Library, it's is looking beautiful and seems very happy in it's new spot!

Saturday 30th March

We had the first Garden Get Together of 2019 - cleaning up the gardens next to the famous - and listed - Cold War Bunker. The hedgehogs were sensibly all in hiding, but we left plenty of holes for their travels under the fence to and from into the Greengarth bungalow gardens. Our youngest volunteers,fortified by squash and cake, moved what seemed like a forest - worth of leaves and tree debris.

Look out for....

News of our willow arch - kindlly given to Shrewsbury Houseby Greenwich Community Garden now that they have closed.

Back at the end of January we had a walk around the gardens with Joe Woodcock who offered us advice on improving our garden, to read our plan for this year click here.

Wildlife garden

Shrewsbury House has a wonderful wildlife gardens that has a bug hotel, pond (full of tadpoles)! briar patch and nettle bed, it is a wonderful place for children to come and explore nature.

Room 3 - The big little free library

Shrewsbury House has
a lovely community library room, full of books to swop, borrow and browse - children's books, all kinds of fiction, cookery books, history and factual books and a collection of DVD's. That many book takes quite a bit of looking after - and noodling around trying to get them in order is a perfect alternative to gardening if you prefer to volunteer indoors.

We welcome all to come along and volunteer in the house and gardens, we will be holding regular family friendly garden get togethers with plenty to do for children when they get fed up with gardening! Do come along and see us!

Story card two – Shooters Hill kids and the tumulus ghosts

Find the Friends

* You will find us any Saturday from 10am to noon at Shrewsbury House.

* Ask about the Friends in the bar at Shrewsbury House on Friday evenings.

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