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Children’s Parties

What’s on at Shrewsbury House


At the EGM on 10th August 2017, a new board of trustees was elected and RBG has pledged its support to the centre and have assured members that the doors will not close.

This is great news for users and residents and we will keep you updated of future developments.

Children’s Fencing Course for the Summer Holidays

21st August to 25th August. (other dates available)

Royal Greenwich Fencing Club is running a fencing course for children, 8-13 years old taking place over two hours a day for a week.
They will be taught all they need to know in order to fence, and will be equipped with all the basic fencing safety equipment required, and when ready to fence, the corresponding electric equipment.
Students will take part in fencing matches using electric fencing equipment and scoring apparatus, and will be taught the conventions of fencing in a competition, and how to preside over, judge and run a fencing bout and pool.

Sessions will be between 3pm and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Other prospective dates are 7th August to 11th August and 14th August to 18th August.

The cost of the Children’s Fencing Course for the Summer Holiday’s is just £55.00 per person for the week.
Limited places available, and availability of sessions is dependant on take up.

For full please see our website or email for for details.

Shrewsbury House Community Centre Sunflower Trail 2017



We're planting sunflowers to blaze a trail to Shrewsbury House this summer - you can help by planting your seeds on the way. Use the seeds we are delivering in early April or plant your own.

The plan is to have as many sunflowers as possible on the way to Shrewsbury House Community Centre from the bus stops on Shooters Hill and Eglinton Hill.

Sunflowers will be in gardens or in rough ground – wherever the seeds can get started and fend off the slugs.

Sowing in April 2017 should give us flowers in August and September.

Live in or near Shrewsbury Park Estate? Need a few seeds?


Text 07852 935484

Before 30 April 2017.